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The bicycle route ‘Around Falster’ offers magnificent views, impressive landscapes and many other experiences. Enjoy the cosy market towns and the many sandy beaches and sights. Stop by the water or in a forest and take a detour on the sea with a mini ferry or a canoe.
‘Around Falster’ is a route of  much natural beauty – well-suited for a long weekend. On the cycle route map you will see 13 information tables that guide cyclists around Falster’s coast. Bicycle route no. 40 follows the national bicycle route 7, 8 and 9 for much of the tour, and it also follows the Sound route (Sundruten).
The island Falster is green and fertile and encircled by the Baltic Sea, Guldborgsund, Storstrømmen and Grønsund.

The landscape is flat with soft hills, valleys with streams and large and small forests that were formed as long ago as the Ice Age. There are ample opportunities for accommodation while you are under way in hotels, hostels and at camping sites (plus primitive camp sites and private homes) especially in Nykøbing Falster, Stubbekøbing and Marielyst.

When you cycle through the little roads and paths, you will pass:


Around Falster (Falster Rundt) 

130 kilometers  bicycle route along the coast of Falster  (GPS) 

143 km on the tarmac route (racing bikes) (GPS) 


Gedser – Denmark’s southernmost town with a view of the Baltic Sea
 Hasselø Plantation – situated at Guldborgsund
Nykøbing Falster – Falster’s main town with accomodations, shops, restaurants, swimming centre, Middle Age centre, a zoo and sights
The Sound route “Sundruten” along Guldborgsund with the estates Ny Kirstineberg, Pandebjerg and Vennerslund
Northern Falster with hills and a spectacular view at Vålse Vig, Gåbense and Sortsø
 Nr. Alslev with swimming centre, crocodile farm and other sights
 Stubbekøbing – a cosy market town where you can take a mini ferry to Bogø during summer
The eastern coast with its large forests; e.g. a beech forest that goes all the way to the Baltic Sea where H.C. Andersen took a swim
Hesnæs with its distinctive houses
The forest Halskov Vænge with its prehistoric monuments
The manor Corselitze (park open to visitors)
Marielyst  with its impressive sandy Beach.

Further information:  Nykøbing Falster Turistinformation, Færgestræde 1A, 4800 Nykøbing Falster telf. (+45)51212508  turist@museumlollandfalster.dk

Marielyst Turistbureau, Marielyst Strandpark 3, DK-4873 Væggerløse, Telefon (+45) 5413 6298


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